Over the last 20 years or so there has been a huge proliferation in Yam Creams.  By this time almost every user of Resolve who tells someone about it has heard “Oh I’ve already tried a yam cream but it didn’t work,” or “I tried a yam cream and it had some pretty bad side effects.”  That’s a shame because Resolve has helped countless women since 1994.  Resolve was the first true wild yam cream (no added drugs or hormones) to hit the market and its largely due to its success that there are so many yam creams available today.  Unfortunately most of those yam creams aren’t going to be effective because they were created to take advantage of a growing market, not carefully formulated to address a woman’s needs.  Others contain USP (United States Pharmacopia) progesterone, often misleadingly identified as “natural” or “bioidentical” on the label.  USP progesterone is a synthetic analogue of the progesterone molecule manufactured by pharmaceutical labs.  These hormone containing creams can have side effects if used long term or if the directions are not carefully followed.

The Resolve was formulated by a pharmacist and biochemist named Homer Woolf.  Mr. Woolf was also an expert on the human cell.  He had a reputation fro creating excellent skin creams for local doctors.  Mr. Woolf created the Resolve after becoming interested in research being conducted on wild yam.  He wanted to provide women with an alternative to synthetic hormones by creating a cream containing the nutritional building chemistry a woman’s body needs to manufacture her own progesterone, safely and naturally.  This way her body makes only what it needs, and there is no danger of overdosing and upsetting the hormonal balance carefully maintained by her endocrine system.

Syringa uses only the highest quality of Mexican Wild Yam extract available.  The yams are grown on an organically certified herbal plantation and the extraction process takes about 6 weeks.  It’s a timely and costly process, but it keeps the extract nutrient rich. Some companies buy the cheapest extracts they can purchase. The most common extraction processes for these are cold press, hot press, or steam distillation.  These processes are chosen because they are cheap and fast but the extract is often unreliable because so much is lost during the extraction process.  Because yam extract is not a pharmaceutical product there is no standard on which to base an objective and meaningful analysis.  A container of wild yam cream may boast of a 12% extract content but in reality be totally devoid of the chemistry it is meant to provide.

In order to have an effective cream you also have to use a good, absorbable base. The base for the Resolve is the Lite Replenishing Cream,  which was also formulated by Homer Woolf.  The Lite Replenishing Cream is a moisturizer which absorbs quickly and promotes rapid cell division.  Its an excellent vehicle for transporting the nutrients contained in the extract into a woman’s system to be utilized by her body.  Even if a hiqh quality extract is used the product still won’t be helpful if it is mixed in a base that doesn’t absorb well.  You need a moisturizer that soaks into the skin, not one that sits on top of the skin and coats it.

The Resolve never has and never will contain any type of lab made hormones, “bio-identical” or otherwise! Our goal is to provide women with a safe alternative to synthetic hormones, not provide her with another type.  Creams listing “natural” or “bio-identical” on their label are selling women synthetic progesterone manufactured by the same pharmaceutical labs which manufacture the other forms of HRT.  A woman can overdose on the progesterone contained in these creams.  For a complete list of the side effects associated with using “bio-identical” progesterone you can research Prometrium.  This is a bio-identical progesterone available by prescription.  Because it is prescribed by a doctor (which it should be!) it is required that it be heavily tested and all possible side effects be available to the doctor and patient.

With the Resolve you also have the benefit of a company that supports the product.  If you have any questions about it you can contact me, Laura.  I’m the product specialist for Syringa.  I’m available M-F from 8:30-5:30 MST at 1(800)584-7762 or you can email your questions to me at lauraj@ida.net.  I’m here to help!