Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Joint Comfort
Q: What makes Joint Comfort superior to what I can buy in the store?

A:  Quality ingredients and assurance that what’s on the label is what’s in the product. I’m a little sketchy with some store bought brands as last year a variety of supplements found at popular store were pulled and tested for quality.  Some of them contained much less of the ingredients than advertised on the label and some even contained fillers like tea leaves and other cheap materials that look like popular herbs.  Also the Joint Comfort contains MSM and a unique herbal blend (turmeric, bromelain, quercitin) that helps reduce inflammation. It also contains Methionine which is an amino acid that helps build cartilage.

Joint Comfort

Q: How long should it take to start seeing results from Joint Comfort?

A:  At minimum a few weeks, but over time you will begin to feel less stiffness and discomfort and notice and increase in mobility.    The Glucosamine/Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT)  found significant improvement in subjects suffering from moderate to severe arthritis pain who were given glucosamine/chondroitin supplements daily for 6 months.  The longer you take it the more of a positive impact it will have.  In fact, for those suffering from joint pain and stiffness the sooner you start taking a good supplement the better.  The longer you wait the more the tissues around your joints can break down and cause even more damage.

“I highly recommend using Radiance Capsaicin Cream along with the Joint Comfort to really help ease stiffness and pain.”

Joint Health Essentials

Organic Coconut Oil

Q: I’ve read that Coconut Oil helps reduce hot flashes? Is that true?

A: Right now the evidence is strictly anecdotal but I definitely believe it to be true.  Before we added our own Coconut Oil supplement I talked to many women who told me that they used coconut oil with the Resolve and it really helped curb their hot flashes.  I was curious so I learned more about how coconut oil benefits the body.  Aside from benefits to skin and energy levels coconut oil helps with the production of pregnenolone. Almost all hormones are made from other hormones. Pregnenolone is the hormone the body uses to make your reproductive steroid hormones, such as estrogens & progesterone.  If you don’t have enough pregnenolone to make all of the hormones your body needs then you will suffer from the symptoms of hormonal imbalance – just one of which can be hot flashes. Hot flashes are not the only symptom of hormonal imbalance coconut oil can help with, but I find it’s the most talked about and the one women are the most desperate to relieve.  When it comes to supplements such as coconut oil QUALITY MATTERS.  I can’t stress that enough.  The source and extraction processes are extremely important to the potency and effectiveness of the final product.  Syringa’s Organic Coconut Oil is of the highest quality available!

Organic Coconut Oil

PMS & Menopause
Q: I’m having hot flashes, what to you recommend?

A:  Hot flashes are one of the most common reasons women use the Resolve.  If you’re just starting out it’s important to make sure you’re using enough.  I recommend you keep using the Resolve at the rate of two jars a month until they start to become more manageable.  It won’t happen overnight but after 2-4 weeks you should start to feel a lessening in intensity and frequency.  Even when you feel they are getting better keep using Resolve at the same rate for at least the first 90 days before you cut back.  Hot flashes are one of the most persistent complaints women have and, unfortunately, they take the longest to get under control.  I highly recommend using the Women’s Multivitamin along with the Resolve to give your body the nutrients it needs to manufacture hormones.  It also contains a formulation of herbs (including wild yam and red clover) that have been shown to lessen menopausal and PMS symptoms.  The Coconut Oil will also help as it provides the body with building blocks critical to making Pregnenolone.  Pregnenolone is the precursor to your estrogens and progesterone. If you don’t have enough pregnenolone to make adequate amounts of estrogen(s) and progesterone you’re going to suffer from the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.  Both of these products have other benefits(more energy, immune support, improved metabolism) that can help you feel more energetic and focused through your day.   All of these products are available together in the Hormonal Harmony Pack for a discounted price.  It contains 2 Resolve, a Women’s Multivitamin, & an Organic Coconut Oil supplement. This pack was created specifically with hot flash sufferers in mind.

Hormonal Harmony Essentials

Q: Right before my period starts I feel extra moody and anxious, what can I do?

A:  When you start feeling this way use more of the Resolve than you normally use.  Sometimes your body needs more and what works the rest of the month might not be enough the week before your period starts.  Also start using Syringa Probiotic 40b.  There are numerous studies linking our gut bacteria to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.  Aside from moodiness and bloating many women suffer from upset stomachs, diarrhea or constipation during PMS.  Hormonal fluctuations during PMS wreak havoc on our natural gut flora. The Women’s Multivitamin will be helpful as well. It’s formulation contains nutrients to help the body make hormones and it contains 3 separate herbal blends designed with women’s needs in mind.  Exercises such as walking and yoga can be of great benefit as well.  If you’re looking for something to help with PMS moodiness (or maybe moodiness all month long that’s made worse by PMS) I’d suggest the Women’s Health Essentials Pack. It contains a Resolve, a Women’s Multivitamin, and a Probiotic 40-b.

Women’s Health Essentials

Q: How do Probiotics help women with hormonal balance?

A:  It’s a complex process but when we are talking about women’s hormones in association with PMS or menopause we’re generally talking about keeping a balance between estrogens and progesterone.  Good gut bacteria (probiotics) break down excess hormones and toxins and then bind them to a molecule called glucuronic acid.  Once bound to glucuronic acid excess hormones (such as estrogens) are excreted by the body through the bile.  It’s important that excess hormones are excreted, otherwise they can be reabsorbed by the body and contribute to estrogen dominance symptoms.

Probiotic 40b

Q: At what age should a man start using Pro-Gain?

A:   When a man reaches his late 30’s to early 40’s his body slows down the utilization of testosterone.  That testosterone collects in the prostate and is converted into dihydrotestosterone which stimulates the growth of the prostate gland.  Dihydrotestosterone if very thick and fibrous and as it builds up it causes a gradual enlargement of the prostate and eventual compression of the urethra which causes problems with urination.  Ideally its best to start using Pro-Gain as a preventative measure against BPH, but it can be used with effective results even after symptoms of BPH begin.


Q: How Does Pro-Gain Work?

A:  Pro-Gain contains a high quality extract of Saw Palmetto as well as other herbs designed to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate.  Saw Palmetto contains an enzyme that prohibits the production of 5-alpha-reductase which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is what is thought to stimulate the growth of the prostate.


Q: Is Saw Palmetto an effective treatment for BPH?

A:  Over the past two decades Saw Palmetto extract has gained wide acceptance as a prostate treatment throughout Europe.  Several small studies suggest Saw Palmetto may be as effective as alpha blockers.  In Italy Saw Palmetto accounts for 38% of all treatments prescribed for BPH.  Both French and German health authorities have already approved Saw Palmetto to treat enlargement of the prostate.

Self Care Tips

  • limit beverages in the evening
  • avoid letting your bladder get full
  • limit alcohol as it increases urine production and irritates the bladder
  • look for prostate warnings on over the counter decongestants as some can cause the band of muscles that control the urine flow to tighten


Q: Can Women of Any Age Use Resolve?

A:  Absolutely!  No matter your age or situation hormones play a critical role in how you feel.  If your hormone levels are not in proper balance you are going to know it, whether it be through moodiness, bloating, headaches and other discomforts of PMS, or the hot flashes and flagging libidos associated with menopause.


Q: Can I Use Too Much of the Resolve?

A:  No, your body will just take what it needs at the time, then break down and excrete the rest. You can, however, use too little.  If you are not generous with the product, especially in the first few months, you will be less likely to achieve your desired results.


Q: How Many Milligrams of Progesterone Does Resolve contain?

A:   Absolutely none!  The Resolve works by providing the body with the nutritional building blocks it needs to make its own progesterone safely, and naturally.  Our goal is to provide women with a natural alternative to drugs, not to provide them with another synthetic hormone.  This way a woman’s body makes what’s needed and there’s no fear of overdosing.


Vitamin C Serum

Q: Can I use the Vitamin C + hyularonic acid to treat a sunburn?

A: Absolutely!  Not only do sunburns damage tissues but they zap all the moisture out of our skin.  Vitamin C helps heal damage to fragile skin cells while hyaluronic acid is a powerful natural humectant and one of the best hydrating ingredients available, capable of holding thousands of times its weight in water. It replenishes lost moisture and helps the skin maintain it.  For best results apply Vitamin C (plus Hyularonic Acid) serum to the affected area as soon as you can – the less moisture lost to the burn the better.  Let it absorb for a minute or so and then follow up with an application of Replenishing Cream.  It’s also important to drink lots of water to re-hydrate your body.

Women’s Multivitamin
Q: How does Syringa’s Women’s Multivitamin boost the effectiveness of the Resolve & Balance?

A: Because the body works best when it has the nutrition it needs.  Syringa’s Women’s Multivitamin has been formulated specifically with a spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that assist in the body’s ability to manufacture hormones.  For example, magnesium plays a role in production of your steroid hormones (including estrogen & progesterone) and your B vitamins not only help the body make hormones but they also support the adrenal glands.  It also contains a blend of herbs traditionally used to treat symptoms unique to women (including Wild Yam).  There are many other vitamins & nutrients in the Women’s Multivitamin that her body needs for daily nutrition as well, including proprietary herbal blends for immune support and energy.

Women’s Health Essentials

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