Did you know healthy progesterone levels will make allergy season much easier to deal with?  Progesterone is a precursor to cortisone.  Cortisone is a natural anti-inflammatory made in the adrenal glands which helps assist the body’s ability to resist allergens.

The great thing about the Resolve is that it helps the body to manufacture its own progesterone.  The body can only use the progesterone it makes to make cortisone.  If you are taking a progestin or a bio-identical progesterone your body can’t use these lab made analogs to manufacture cortisone( or any of the other hormones made from its  own natural progesterone) because the body isn’t equipped with enzymes that will help convert a synthetic molecule into another hormone.

Using Resolve won’t make you allergin resistant by any means, but it will help you make the progesterone needed to make cortisone which in turn can help to ease your suffering during allergy season.