A few weeks ago a man came into our store looking for the Replenishing
Cream.  He showed me a scar across his forehead.  I looked at it and told
him that at this point it may be too far along in the healing process for
the Replenishing Cream to help.  He grinned and said that someone gave him
a jar of the Replenishing Cream a week ago when he did it and this is how
much it’s healed just since that time!

The Replenishing Cream absorbs rapidly, providing excellent cell
hydration and adheres to both wet and dry dermal layers to provide
uniform coverage of the skin.  Use a light amount in the morning and
evenings as facial moisturizer and/or apply more generously to other
areas to provide soothing relief to rough, dry skin.  An excellent
moisturizing and healing balm, the Replenishing cream is also good for
burns, and severe skin conditions such as psoriasis and excema.