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Syringa Replenishing Cream helps repair and restore the protective skin layer. It goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly and is fragrance-free. Replenishing Cream acts quickly on dry, chapped and damaged skin. Head to toe daily use of the skin moisturizer Replenishing Cream, will instantly soothe, calm and assist in keeping your skin healthy.

  • Versatile ultra-rich moisturizing cream, absorbs deeply into the dermal layers
  • Provides powerful healing to damaged skin, a must have all-purpose cream
  • Quickly restores skin to a healthier, more beautiful condition
  • Safe and effective treatment for sunburn, diaper rash, tattoo healing and many more

Amount per jar: 1.3oz

Syringa Replenishing Cream is the only natural skin care moisturizing cream you will need in your skincare cabinet. This skin moisturizer directly targets itchy, red and sore irritated skin due to sunburns, bug bites, razor burns, chapped skin, armpit rash, dry skin rash, tattoo irritation, burns, and so much more. Replenishing Cream is the natural skin care product that has shown to keep skin supple, healthy and free from blemishes. Your healthy skin tip for the day – Syringa Replenishing Cream!

3 reviews for Replenishing Cream

  1. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    Replenishing Cream is so effective in creating soft and supple skin. I use it on especially dry skin right after the shower and the moisture really goes deep into the skin, it’s not like other lotions or creams where the softness seems to fade after a couple hours.

  2. Summer

    I’ve been using Replenishing Cream for 5 months now. I use this product for many purposes: razor burn, dry hands, eczema spots and my feet. This cream has improved my razor burn, treated dry areas of eczema and has moistened my feet. I also use this after a permanent makeup treatment on my clients. It helps to heal the fresh area that was just worked on and retains the fresh pigment that was implanted into the skin. I recommend this cream to all my clients and to use for many other needs as I do at home.

  3. KM

    This cream is amazing! It fixes everything. It heals the dry spots on my face without breaking me out. My husband had a battery acid burn on his face and this cream calmed and healed the area. I apply it on scratches if they turn red and start to look like they are getting infected and it always heals them. This stuff is wonderful!

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For damaged skin, Replenishing Cream is recommended 2-3 times daily. For daily moisturizing and supple skin, use Replenishing Cream at least once daily.

– Apply evenly to area of concern