Q: How many milligrams of progesterone are in your product?

A: Absolutely none! The Resolve works by providing the body with the nutritional building blocks it needs to manufacture it’s own progesterone safely and naturally.  There are absolutely no hormones added to our product.  (When you see a milligram listing of progesterone on the ingredients of similar products then you know you are dealing with a product containing a synthetic analogue of the progesterone molecule – in other words it contains lab created hormones.)  Our goal is to provide women with an alternative to synthetic hormones, not to provide them with another type of drug.

Q:  Can I overdose on the Resolve?

No, you cannot use too much.  Your body will just take what it needs and break down and excrete the rest.  You can, however, use too little.  If you are not generous with the product , especially in the first few months of use, you will be less likely to achieve your desired results.  When first starting we like women to use their first jar up in two weeks to really flood themselves with that nutrition and stimulate their natural chemistry.  After that keep using between 1/4 to 1/12 tsp twice a day for the next 2 months.  I can be applied anywhere, but in the beginning when you are using a more generous amount larger areas of skin, such as the upper neck and chest, are preferred.  That way it can be applied more evenly.

Q: When can I expect to begin feeling results?

Every woman is different in how she creates, metabolizes, and utilizes hormones, therefore response times vary.  We ask that each woman faithfully use the Resolve as instructed for at least 90 days.  Most women notice a gradual alleviation of some symptoms starting to take place around 2-4 weeks of use.  The average time for a woman to feel she is achieving or has achieved hormonal balance is about 3 months.  However, that’s just an average.  Many women respond sooner, some can take longer.  The important thing is to remain persistent and consistent with the product.  Remember, just as it has taken the body a while to get out of balance it will take a while to get back into balance.