Many yam creams on the market today contain man made hormones, often referred to as “natural” or “bio-identical” hormones on product labels.   Natural and Bio-identical are marketing terms only.  They are meant to make the consumer feel that he/she is not buying a pharmaceutical product, but rather something healthful and naturally occurring.   Unfortunately there are no hormone farms where things like progesterone and estrogens are picked daily and added fresh to a product.  The only naturally occurring hormones are made by the body.  Everything else is a synthetic analogue made in a lab.  They are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical companies who make other hormone replacement therapy products.  In fact, according to regulatory agencies, the only accepted terminology used for these hormones is “USP” which stands for United States Pharmacopia.  The FDA has stated that these types of products have not been proven safe and effective for their intended use and that consumers should assume that they can have the same side effects and contraindications as any other type of hormone replacement therapy.

Fortunately not every yam based product on the market contain these added hormones.  Products like Syringa’s Resolve and Balance contain only natural building blocks in the form of plant nutrients that helps the body to manufacture its own progesterone safely and naturally.    There’s no need to worry about overdosing or dangerous side effects.