From time to time I am asked if the Resolve or Balance will help those suffering from anxiety or depression.  The answer depends on the situation.  For minor bouts of anxiety or depression associated w/PMS or menopause the answer would be yes, as those types are most likely caused by a fluctuation of hormone levels occurring at specific times. Both the Resolve and the Balance provide the body with key nutrients needed for it to produce its own progesterone.  Progesterone is a known natural anti-depressant because it is a precursor to your natural anti-inflammatory and stress relieving hormones.  However, moderate to severe anxiety or depression can have many different causes and much deeper roots and should be treated by a health care professional.

If you have mood swings and depression for a few days before your period starts, or if you are experiencing them sometimes as you enter into menopause then you’re a good candidate for either the Resolve or Balance.  However, if you have been diagnosed with clinical depression or anxiety using the Resolve or Balance can help you make the anti-stress hormones needed to cope a little better, but will not address the underlying cause.