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At Syringa, we firmly believe in our motto, "Helping the Body Help Itself" and strive to offer health products that do just that. Syringa is especially well known for our wild yam cream "Resolve" which provides women with the building blocks their bodies need to regain hormonal balance, naturally.


"Resolve gave my life a new beginning. I now embrace life and am glad to have forty years to look back on, and forty more, God willing, to look forward towards. Thank you, Syringa! "
Susan, Washington

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What Syringa Has To Offer

We offer a wide variety of all natural products to help improve your lifestyle. All of our products are created around the science of your body. Our products are meant to help your body help itself in a natural way. Syringa was created by pharmacist Homer Woolf, a local Idaho Falls medical icon.

The majority of our Syringa product line have been designed to assist the human body at a cellular level. That is why we stand alone and are years ahead of our competition. We are not focused on providing you with harsh drugs that end up causing more harm then good. We are focused on 100% All Natural medicinal remedies that help you regain a healthy life.

Resolve Wild Yam Cream

Resolve Wild Yam Cream was the first product that Homer created. Resolve is an all natural topically applied hormonal skin cream that gets its medical benefits from the extracts of the Mexican Wild Yam. Resolve Wild Yam Cream is our number one selling product and has helped hundreds of women regain hormonal balance, naturally. Give Resolve a try today and see what it can do for you, & why it is loved by so many women across the globe.

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